‘Chasing The Cure’ Trailer: Ann Curry-Led Live Series Helps People Battle Puzzling Ailments

“If this show and these doctors help me find what’s wrong, then what else is there?” That line comes from Charlie, a woman who recounts her multiple diagnoses in the first trailer for Chasing the Cure, a live series led by Ann Curry that debuts on TNT in the summer.

The two-hour weekly program is focused on the “effort to unleash the power of crowdsourcing” to help people who are suffering from undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or uncured medical mysteries. Each episode will spotlight patients battling puzzling ailments as they meet with a panel of top doctors who work to help solve their cases. They range from the surprising and odd to the most uplifting and joyful to cases that are a race against the clock under heartbreaking life-or-death circumstances.

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