Digiday: Future of TV Briefing: In 2021, TV, streaming and video productions returned to business as usual and became unusually busy

Industrial Media’s Aaron Saidman weighs in on how he and the company have settled into a new normal of producing content in 2021.

“As things stand now at the end of 2021, ‘business as usual’ is not the exact right phrase, but having adapted to the new normal, it does feel like business as usual,” said Aaron Saidman, president of Industrial Media and president and co-founder of Industrial Media-owned production studio The Intellectual Property Corporation, which has produced shows for HBO Max, Hulu and Netflix.Business as usual“Business as usual” doesn’t capture the entire situation, though. Production businesses are unusually busy — even compared to their pre-pandemic project loads.
Industrial Media has more than 100 series in different stages of production across 35 networks and streaming services, according to Saidman. “We’re making more content than we’ve ever made,” he said.

Among the most recent signs of how productions have arrived at a state of relative normalcy is the expansion of shooting locations. For the first two seasons of “Selena + Chef,” which IPC produced for HBO Max during the pandemic, the production was largely remote — with professional chefs effectively teaching star Selena Gomez to cook via video calls — and even then limited to featuring chefs who lived within some proximity to Gomez’s home in Los Angeles.

But for the third season, which premiered in October, IPC was able to set up shoots internationally. “For example, there’s an episode with Jamie Oliver where he’s in the U.K. That was owed in part to being able to figure technically how to be farther away and still have a really sound connection between the chef and Selena in real time and having a very well-thought-out system for how the remote production team sets up and films that chef wherever he or she may be located,” Saidman said.

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