Newsweek: ‘Living Undocumented’: Brothers featured in Netflix series say they’ve had to go in hiding and give up school to avoid ICE

It was just over a year ago that Camilo Dunoyer, now 18, first drew national attention to his family’s plight with a social media video. In it he described how, after more than 15 years of carefully following all the right rules to remain in the U.S., his family could soon end up deported back to the country they fled from fear for their lives.

In the months since, he and his brother, Pablo, 21, had grown somewhat used to being in the spotlight, with their family’s story being featured in a new Netflix documentary series, Living Undocumented. The show follows the harrowing accounts of eight undocumented families as they face potential deportation under the Trump administration’s hardline crackdown.

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