Variety: Reality Impact Report 2022: Meet the Titans of Unscripted TV

In 2021, Industrial Media created and produced more than 100 nonfiction programs, overseeing the “90 Day Fiancé” franchise, “American Idol,” “Indian Matchmaking,” “Night Stalker,” “Selena + Chef” and more. Sony Pictures Entertainment announced last month it will acquire Industrial Media, one of the top independent nonfiction production companies who work alongside 19 Entertainment, B17 Entertainment, House of NonFiction, Sharp Entertainment, the Intellectual Property Corp. (IPC), This Machine Filmworks, This Radicle Act and Trilogy Films. “I owe my career to the rise of non-fiction as a genre. Starting out in the film business and then moving to scripted television, I never could have imagined the path I’ve traveled. Television never ceases to evolve,” says Holzman.

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