Vulture: The Heartbreaking Immigration Stories Behind Living Undocumented

Over the last six months, scripted TV has had its share of heartbreaking stories about undocumented immigrants. We’ve watched a handcuffed Maritza walked to a plane heading back to Colombia on Orange Is the New Black.We’ve seen Mateo on Superstore picked up by immigration agents and sent to a detention center. On Jane the Virgin, Abuela married a man so he could obtain legal status to visit his ill mother in his native country.

But as thought-provoking as those fictional portrayals are, none could be as revealing as the six-part documentary series Living Undocumented, which debuts on Netflix today. By following eight families who live in six different states, hail from six different countries, and have varied problems with their immigration status, Living Undocumented goes inside the experience of life as an undocumented immigrant in the United States with unprecedented intimacy.

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