Vogue: Paris Hilton on Her Revealing New Documentary: “I’m Not a Dumb Blonde. I’m Just Really Good at Pretending to Be One.”

There’s possibly no celebrity better equipped to deconstruct their public image than Paris Hilton. Having spent most of her life staring down a camera lens, the 39-year-old is all too aware of what you think when she coos “that’s hot” in the overly breathy baby voice that’s become her signature. 

Coming across like a freshly tanned Barbie doll in a velour tracksuit, Hilton was thrust into the public eye as one-half of the privileged celebutantes at the heart of The Simple Life alongside bestie Nicole Richie. After the seminal reality series debuted in 2003, a writer for the New York Times decried that, “In a ravenous celebrity culture, Ms. Hilton’s rise shows how far celebrity itself has been devalued.” But two decades into a career parlaying her party-girl image into a global empire, even Hilton’s most vocal critics can’t accuse her of simply being “famous for being famous”—at least anymore. 

A new documentary, This Is Paris, is a reintroduction of sorts for anyone who still associates Hilton with her early aughts tabloid infamy. Since releasing her first fragrance in 2004, Hilton’s perfume collection is estimated to have done more than $2.5 billion in sales. She has 19 product lines that span skin care, handbags, jewelry, and lingerie, with more than 45 branded retail locations across the Middle East and Asia. Purportedly the highest-paid female DJ in the world (raking in up to $1 million per gig), Hilton has come a long way since her days on The Simple Life inquiring whether Walmart “sold wall stuff,” which is exactly what she and This Is Paris director Alexandra Dean wanted to showcase. 

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